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9 insights on real-world container use

Modern engineering teams continue to expand their use of containers, and today container-based microservice applications are pervasive. Growing container usage is driving organizations to adopt complementary technologies that simplify how they operate their clusters, and this expanding container environment presents organizations with security challenges. This is real-world usage data from tens of thousands of customers […]

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Kubernetes or other Container Orchestrators; select the right one for your applications

1. About Container Orchestrator Container is an affordable way to build, test and deploy applications across multiple environments: from a developer’s local laptop to on-premises production servers and the cloud. A single container might be used to run anything from a small micro-service to a marco-service or a more extensive application. Actually micro-service is probably […]

Five tips for secure cloud native development copy

Five tips for secure cloud native development

How to ensure the security of cloud native applications? All organizations are going through a digital transformation. Whether they have adopted hybrid working since the start of the pandemic, or are introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their workloads, integrating technology into a business is fundamental to survival in today’s world. Cloud native development – […]