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Frequently Asked Questions

Each specific product is just one piece of the big business picture. Therefore, we do not start with our products but with the needs of the business.


Sunteco Support Overview

Which expert fields are Sunteco working on?

Sunteco’s engineer team is expert in 10 fields, which are: Cloud computing, Cloud storage, Cloud networking, Container, System architect, Coding, Linux, DevOps, Monitoring

What is Sun Cloud?

Sun Cloud is a technology platform that enables your business to transform the IT system from a traditional one (Monolith or On-premises) to a modern one (Cloud or Micro-services).

Sun Cloud provides variable products, which are: Sun Spinner, Sun Highway, Sun Virtual Machine, Sun Storage, Sun In-Memory DB, etc. They are key components that every system needs when moving to the Cloud or transferring to micro-services architecture, presenting the performance and reliability of your IT system.

Learn more products: here

Every single product of Sun Cloud is built on four core values: scalability, high availability, recoverability, and cost-efficiency.

Our expert team works relentlessly on new technologies and features so that businesses of all sizes can easily use them to optimize IT systems and speed up the digital transformation journey.

Why should my business adopt cloud technology?

Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. Here are some of the key ones of cloud computing:

  • Reduce managing and maintaining your IT systems (hardware, software, energy, and wages for an expert team)
  • Your business can scale up or scale down the operation and storage needs quickly to suit any situation.
  • High security is another key benefit of cloud computing. Any data backed up in the Cloud is encrypted – which means only the people you want to see it will be able to.

You can read more here.

My business doesn't have IT system now, how can we adopt the Cloud or Microservices system of Sunteco?

There is no fixed answer to this question. Depending on your business (landscape, goals, operations, etc.), Sunteco’s expert team offers solutions that fit your company so that you can smoothly apply without any complexities and difficulties.

To find out more, please contact us.

Purchasing and Billing

Via international payment card

Supports Visa, Master, JCB, and American Express credit and debit cards

Via ATM and Internet Banking account

Top up via domestic ATM cards and bank accounts that support Internet Banking

Is it possible to issue a red invoice?
The customer’s bill price includes fees and VAT. Customers requesting a red invoice, get in touch with SUNTECO via:
• LiveChat on Dashboard
• Email: info@sunteco.io
• Hotline: (+84) 24 5678 3868
Does Sunteco make a contract or not?

Yes, you can visit the office or sign the contract online. Please contact our sales department: info@sunteco.io or hotline: (+84) 24 5678 3868

Do I need to pay first if I use it for a few months?

No, you can choose to pay each month or add the balance to your balance so that the system automatically delivers for the following months.



Account FAQs

What should I do if I forget my admin password?

Use the forgot password feature on the login page. If this feature does not work, immediately contact the SUNTECO Support team for help.

Does SUNTECO help me store the information that has been emailed to me in the sent mailbox?

SUNTECO system uses a dedicated service to send mail, so it does not save transmitted mail information like standard mailboxes. You should actively store important information sent to your mailbox.

Calling the customer care switchboard, is there a fee for Sun Cloud's sales call center?

Have. Hotline number: (+84) 24 5678 3868 is a landline number. Therefore, customers will lose charges incurred depending on the telecommunication rates of each specific network in case of calling a landline number.

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