With Sunteco Cloud Platform, SUNTECO helps businesses rapidly transform the business applications and IT systems to use a modern micro-service architecture that ensures High Scalability – High Availability – Recoverability of Services, and maximizes usability of the existing customer infrastructure for these new values.

With best practices adopted in hardware and software, Sunteco Cloud saves time installing, setting up, investigating, and optimizing the run-time application environments. It is also friendly with non-tech people, so it can bring the engineering and business team closer and help them go faster.




As an Enterprise Application Development Toolkit, Sunteco Cloud includes most crucial tools needed for
building large-scale or high-availability applications.



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Retails & E-commerce

Build a solution that can handle millions of web requests per second. On a large scale, E-commerce is a very challenging problem for any business. It would help if you were responsive in mill seconds for critical functions like product search. You need a mechanism to update order information in real-time. You need to share information and coordinate different business departments, such as receiving orders, processing orders, taking goods from the warehouse, or delivering goods to the buyer’s address. Such non-new but must-have problems will take up 90% of your time and resources and leave you only 10% to create unique value for your business.
By building your system on top of the existing and optimized Sunteco Cloud components, you can quickly create a high-quality and efficient e-commerce platform, then spend most of your time and resources on your fundamental business values.

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Banking & Finance

Building and expanding the IT system of a bank or a financial institution is never a simple task. That large, multi-layers eco-system must be able to be constantly extended and add new services, including in-house services, interbank services, or third-party services. It requires high flexibility in integration and customization, allowing rapid development, deployment, and testing, and sharing or moving data from/to the core banking components or other services in the system. Microservices are well suited for that need. However, we need efficient platforms to help.

Sunteco Cloud wells support building micro-service architecture of big systems like banking or Financial. It includes micro-services communication, micro-service integration services, micro-service run-time (container) instances orchestrator, managed scalable database and so on.

With Sunteco Cloud, you don’t need to change the existing system, but you can combine the existing one with Sunteco Cloud as a supplement or companion. Let discover which bank components could be migrated into Sunteco Cloud.


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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making the world more innovative and responsive, merging digital and physical universes. Some analysts predict that there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. In a world of a massive number of connected physical devices such as IoT, what could generate million of events concurrently? The vast amount of data that IoT applications generate could be overhead for data processing components, cause the miss-communication between IoT services or modules, mismatched or slow data analysis, or the unexpected delay in making the “smart” decision.

That is why we should do data processing in the Sunteco Cloud rather than building enormous in-house capacity. Let’s discover how we could use Sunteco Cloud Elements in IoT Architecture.


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Blockchain is an important trend today. A blockchain system is a chain of blocks that contain specific information (database), but securely and genuinely, that is grouped in a network (peer-to-peer). Blockchain enables a lot of benefits. It gains the trust of different entities. It’s a decentralized structure when there is no central actor who can independently change the information and remove fraud and unauthorized activity. It guarantees immutability, which means that once recorded on the blockchain, the transactions can’t be changed or deleted. Additionally, data on the blockchain is stored across a network of nodes, making it nearly impossible to be attacked.

In order to build a blockchain system, the problem is not only with blockchain technology or the business that you applied blockchain to. Whether it is a private or public blockchain system, the scalability of the blockchain is the main concern. Currently, many companies are still researching to increase scalability so they can handle more data, more users, more transactions per second, get lower transaction latency. You will need a flexible platform with ready-made and optimized support components that will allow you to develop scalable solutions easily on it. Let’s discover how Sunteco Cloud supports this.


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Since the pandemic, hospitals and health systems have had no choice but to transform care delivery to meet the challenge of the pandemic. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations explored digital transformation strategies to survive and deliver the optimal patient-centered care experience. In a matter of months, years of digital evolution occurred in healthcare. But there are still some problems to be solved.
Interoperability between connected medical devices, healthcare professionals, and their patients, as well as the various systems and applications that store patient data, has become one of the most critical issues. On the one hand, there are more and more healthcare applications and IoT-enabled devices in the ecosystem. There is a lack of communication and data sharing between them, even within the same organization. Healthcare systems are missing many of the benefits of a connected healthcare environment.
Sunteco Cloud creates opportunities for healthcare environments to bring healthcare services, technologies, and people together. It enables easy sharing and analysis of information like medical records or predictive information between medical services, medical devices, medical staff, and patients, improving operational efficiency and streamlining costs. It enables the automation of healthcare operations. And it allows expanding the medical application ecosystem to adapt to new medical problems or new healthcare needs.

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If you’re facing significant manufacturing challenges, you’re far from alone. Most of the challenges mainly come from a legacy on-premise system that many manufacturers still rely on. On-premise IT infrastructures cannot usually process financial data in real-time. As a result, your financial teams rely on regular (often monthly) reports for decision-making, which offer an incomplete picture of your current situation.

However, Sunteco Cloud adoption can be a significant advantage in overcoming these challenges with the right approach. Let’s discover how Sunteco Cloud supports this.



Cloud transformation

We focus on system architecture design to maximize cloud opportunities rather than simply initiating a cloud
or data center migration IT transformation. Sunteco’s cloud transformation solutions
leverage the power of our applications to differentiate your business.



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