Sun Storage

It is designed to provide massively parallel shared access to thousands of Virtual Machine or Container instances, enabling your applications to achieve high levels of aggregate throughput and IOPS with consistent low latencies. Sun Storage is a fully managed service that requires no changes to your existing applications and tools, providing access through a standard file system interface for seamless integration.


Benefits of Sun Storage:

  • Storage could be mounted with both VMs or Containers, and moved between different instances.
  • Storage data could be safety backup frequently or recovered easily.
  • Flexible size, not worry out of space problems.
  • Store business and application data, database that requires flexible, elastic storage size. A must-have component in any IT system
  • Suitable for components in any IT system
  • Store the data is high protection

Get more unlimited storage, unlimited data channels and top security for your business needs at competitive prices

For more details, visit the Pricing pages. Identify the best Sun File Storage solution for your workloads with fully functions of Sun Highway Message. If you have more question, please contact us

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