E-Commerce—Sun Cloud Platform Migrations | By building your system on top of the existing and optimized Sun Cloud components, you can quickly create a high-quality and efficient e-commerce platform, then spend most of your time and resources on your fundamental business values.


E-commerce Use Case – Cloud Platform Migrations

E-commerce has become an indispensable part of the retail industry. With advancements in technology, the retail landscape has undergone a substantial transformation. Let’s see more about the future of E-commerce below:

1. The future of E-Commerce

Thanks to the ongoing digitalization of modern life, the number of digital buyers keeps climbing every year. Merchants continue to follow customer demand online, flocking to e-commerce in record numbers. It means customers have more options while shopping online, and there are definitely rising costs of customer acquisition. This trend forces brands to improve customer experience and foster long-term relationships with their customers. For most businesses, this strategy requires architecture and infrastructure that enables applications to easily deploy new features with low risk, high availability, and scalability so that they can rapidly respond to market opportunities and challenges. Microservices’ architecture is a nominee for this question, which is suggested by many technical experts.

2. How Sun Cloud helps your e-commerce business?

Build a solution that can handle millions of web requests per second. On a large scale, E-commerce is a very challenging problem for any business. It would help if you were responsive in mill seconds for critical functions like product search. You need a mechanism to update order information in real time. You need to share information and coordinate different business departments, such as receiving orders, processing orders, taking goods from the warehouse, or delivering goods to the buyer’s address. Such non-new but must-have problems will take up 90% of your time and resources and leave you only 10% to create unique value for your business.


Reduce development cost & time

Sun Cloud supports agile and DevOps efforts to speed up development, test, and production cycles. Sun Cloud also requires fewer system resources than traditional or hardware virtual machine environments.


Rollout new versions faster

Sun Cloud enables e-commerce applications to continuous integration and delivery, making it easy to try out new ideas and to roll back if something doesn’t work. The low cost of failure enables experimentation, makes it easier to update code, and speeds up time-to-market for new features.


Enhance customer experience

Sun Cloud eliminates downtime, and ensures high availability and faster response for e-commerce applications. A few extra seconds to load your application could mean catastrophic effects in terms of revenue.

Sun Cloud is a comprehensive ecosystem that helps e-commerce businesses transform their applications into Microservices and Cloud architecture. Let’s discover more about how Sun Cloud can help E-Commerce Businesses create effectively and improve their IT system.

3. The solution from Sun Cloud for e-commerce business

By building your system on top of the existing and optimized Sun Cloud components, you can quickly create a high-quality and efficient e-commerce platform, then spend most of your time and resources on your fundamental business values.

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Sun Cloud use-case for E-Commerce Cloud Platform

As the architect above, Sun Cloud Ecosystem does not help e-commerce businesses can reduce development costs & time, roll out new versions faster, and apply new business models more quickly. It is also helpful for customers when using the application.

In this architecture, Sun Highway has a crucial role in connecting all the elements in the E-Commerce Platform that ensure those applications can receive and deliver messages in real-time. Besides, by using Sun Spinner it can enable scalable micro-service architecture. Finally, e-commerce businesses can improve production line throughput and communicate clearly, so may make smarter, faster, and better decisions.

Efficiency Sun Cloud products suitable for the E-Commerce Platform

Sun Cloud comprises essential services that most businesses must have when building scalable applications to expand the e-commerce industry’s business expansion. If you have the same problems in your business, let’s contact us via the information below:

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