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Top 10 strategic tech trends for 2023

It is not hard to see that we are in a period of great economic uncertainty, which means companies will look for ways to cut costs. However, the good news is that, for the most part, signs point to an increase in IT spend in 2023, and that’s true whether you talk to CIOs, enterprise […]

Serverless – What is serverless architecture? Pros – Cons and Use cases of Serverless

Serverless has transformed application development by eliminating the need to provision and manage any underlying infrastructure. The current serverless ecosystem has grown more mature and has considerable overlap with the world of container-based technologies. The wide range of available options has led over half of the organizations operating in each cloud to adopt serverless. As […]


Sunteco is honored to accompany and sponsor the Olympiad in Informatics (OLP’) & ICPC ASIAN HANOI 2022

To encourage the innovative research spirit and nurture the passion for ICT among young students, Sunteco supports the Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP) to organize the two biggest competitions in 2022, the Olympiad in Informatics & ICPC ASIAN HANOI 2022. The Olympiad in Informatics was held for the first time in 1992. OLP’ is a university […]


Accelerate the cloud transformation journey and achieve superb business outcomes, powered by Sunteco Cloud

Digital transformation puts advanced technologies at the heart of your business, how it forces you to rethink the way you work that cloud be much faster than you imagined and in ways you never considered. Cloud transformation helps you see your possible, and we make it your reality with our products and solutions. In this […]


7 best case-studies for migrating from on-premise to cloud

For most businesses considering cloud migration, it’s essential to understand that cloud platform benefits come alongside considerable challenges, including improving availability and latency, auto-scale orchestration, managing tricky connections, scaling the development process effectively, and addressing cloud security challenges. While advancements in virtualization and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) are helping many businesses solve these challenges, cloud […]