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Sunteco officially launched Sunteco Cloud platform

On September 6, 2022, Sunteco Joint Stock company and HTC International Telecommunication Company (HTC-ITC) successfully held the launch party, officially introducing the Sunteco Cloud platform. The party was held in a cozy space at Hanoi Pan Pacific Hotel with more than 300 guests who were representatives of domestic and international partners of Sunteco, along with […]


Accelerate the cloud transformation journey and achieve superb business outcomes, powered by Sunteco Cloud

Digital transformation puts advanced technologies at the heart of your business, how it forces you to rethink the way you work that cloud be much faster than you imagined and in ways you never considered. Cloud transformation helps you see your possible, and we make it your reality with our products and solutions. In this […]

SUN CLOUD - microservices vs monolith architecture

Monolith vs. Microservices: should you migrate to microservices architecture

What is monolith architecture? Before microservices, most applications had been developed on monolith architecture. Even now, the number of applications and websites using monolith architecture is still higher than microservices. So what is monolith architecture? The word “monolith” is often attributed to something large, which is not far from the truth of a monolith architecture […]


Top 5 recommended cloud service providers in 2022

Today, cloud computing is crucial for any business trying to accelerate innovation. There are more and more cloud providers in the marketplace, and choosing one can be problematic. If you are looking for the most suitable cloud company for your business, this blog is for you. In this article, we list the top 5 recommended […]

digital transformation -sun cloud

Digital transformation case-study and the birth of Sun Cloud Platform

The phone call from an old friend On a summer morning in April 2020, I received a call from a close friend named Tran Lam. After a couple of questions about each other’s situation and discussing the Covid epidemic, he asked me for advice on upgrading the company’s software system.  It’s the system he’s been […]


Introducing the Digital Factory: The way to scale your digital transformation

When a team of top executives from a North American bank entered a converted warehouse run by a European telecom giant, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Engineers were live-coding in small teams with designers and businesspeople and reviewing the results right away with customers. They were making adjustments to feedback on the fly. […]


Cloud migration recommendations for financial services firms

When the COVID-19 crisis broke out, many FS (financial services) firms that had planned to deploy digital business models across their organization over time were forced to do so overnight. Of those that did, many were surprised by the relative ease of the transition to cloud operating models and the benefits they realized. Now they’re […]

Isometric Smart Industry Infographic

Manufacturing Use case – Cloud Platform Migration

Manufacturing—Sun Cloud Platform Migrations | If you’re facing significant manufacturing challenges, you’re far from alone. Most of the challenges mainly come from a legacy on-premise system that many manufacturers still rely on. On-premise IT infrastructures cannot usually process financial data in real time. As a result, your financial teams rely on regular (often monthly) reports […]

thumnail-Healthcare Use case - Cloud Platform Migration

Healthcare Use Case – Cloud Platform Migration

Healthcare—Sun Cloud Platform Migrations | Sun Cloud creates opportunities for healthcare environments to bring healthcare services, technologies, and people together. It enables easy sharing and analysis of information like medical records or predictive information between medical services, medical devices, medical staff, and patients, improving operational efficiency and streamlining costs. It enables the automation of healthcare […]

General Container Orchestrator Components thumnail (1)

Kubernetes or other Container Orchestrators; select the right one for your applications

1. About Container Orchestrator Container is an affordable way to build, test and deploy applications across multiple environments: from a developer’s local laptop to on-premises production servers and the cloud. A single container might be used to run anything from a small micro-service to a marco-service or a more extensive application. Actually micro-service is probably […]