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Blockchain Use Case – Cloud Platform Migrations

Blockchain – Cloud Platform Migrations | Understanding the concept of Blockchain, the advantages, and disadvantages of Blockchain. Finally, the effcient solution for Blockchain Technology. Read more information in the article below. 1. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a significant trend today. A blockchain system is a chain of blocks containing specific information (database) but securely […]


IoT – Cloud Platform Migrations

IoT Migrations—Sun Cloud Platform | Not only designed for business applications, but Sun Cloud could also support well low-level applications like IoT or embedded applications. 1. What is IoT? Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising paradigm enabling many applications to network together through the internet. Such IoT applications for computation, storage, and analytics generate an […]

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Five tips for secure cloud native development

How to ensure the security of cloud native applications? All organizations are going through a digital transformation. Whether they have adopted hybrid working since the start of the pandemic, or are introducing artificial intelligence and machine learning into their workloads, integrating technology into a business is fundamental to survival in today’s world. Cloud native development – […]


Kafka vs. RabbitMQ: Key differences and Use cases

Author: DS Sarah Nguyen We are living and working in a time that is all about data. Data is the lifeblood of any enterprise, which means data is among any enterprise’s most valuable possessions. Applications, services, software, mobile devices, and other elements combine to form an intricate and far-reaching web that touches and affects most […]


E-commerce Use Case – Cloud Platform Migrations

E-Commerce—Sun Cloud Platform Migrations | By building your system on top of the existing and optimized Sun Cloud components, you can quickly create a high-quality and efficient e-commerce platform, then spend most of your time and resources on your fundamental business values. E-commerce Use Case – Cloud Platform Migrations E-commerce has become an indispensable part […]


7 best case-studies for migrating from on-premise to cloud

For most businesses considering cloud migration, it’s essential to understand that cloud platform benefits come alongside considerable challenges, including improving availability and latency, auto-scale orchestration, managing tricky connections, scaling the development process effectively, and addressing cloud security challenges. While advancements in virtualization and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) are helping many businesses solve these challenges, cloud […]


Banking & Finance Use case – Cloud Platform Migration

Banking & Finance—Sun Cloud Platform Migrations |With Sun Cloud, you don’t need to change the existing system, but you can combine the existing one with Sun Cloud as a supplement or companion. Let’s discover which bank components could be migrated into Sun Cloud.   The unexpected pace of change creates opportunities and challenges at the same […]

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6 Digital Transformation Challenges in 2022

With the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, most small and medium enterprises, even start-ups, are now gradually converting to business models on digital platforms. Not only does it help with smooth communication, but it also ensures standard workflow, cuts costs, improves operational efficiency, increases competitiveness, and has many opportunities to scale up a business. Businesses […]

IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS: Cloud Computing concepts and differences

Have you ever heard about “cloud service offerings”? it is a hot keyword which has over 93 billion searches in Google. Nowadays, with the increased popularity of cloud computing and services, there are 3 types of cloud computing: IaaS: reaches 67.7% respectively in 2021 PaaS: reaches 5% that is the highest growth in 2021 SaaS: remains […]